"Very positive and inspiring. I appreciate the enlightening poems because they force me to introspectively look at my relationship with God. I appreciate the author's authenticity and vulnerability in sharing her work!" *God's Perspective for me Volume 1*

- Candice

"As I read the words in this book my soul was moved. It caused me to take a second look at my relationship with God and to really look at my relationship with Him in a more intimate way! This book is a blessing to me and will definitely be a blessing to you!" *God's Perspective for me Volume 1*

- Lee

"This powerful collection engages the soul and gives insight into the grace and mercy God extends to us all. The level of honesty shared by Kendra Dublin, is a rarity. Her desire to be a servant of God and her obedience is felt in each writing."

*God's Perspective for me Volume 1*

- T. R. Langston

"An open and transparent look at the authors very soul which inevitably causes a reflection into our own. We all battle with seeing ourselves as the world sees us or how we view ourselves, but we must remember the most important view is from that of God."

- Coco

In Volume II of God's Perspective for me, "Kendra points you straight to Jesus, while delivering thought provoking commentary in her reflective poems. Hands down the most spiritual book I've read, besides the Bible."

Natalie Hall

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Kendra Dublin Hamilton uses Affirmations on the Go! when giving keynote speeches, teaching workshops, classes, and seminars in the field of spiritual and professional development. Her expertise is in Patience Like Jesus, Battling the Flesh, Self Control, Addictions, etc. Affirmations on the Go! is a great tool to make simple, long lasting disciplines throughout the lives of the people she helps for a positive outcome.

Please contact Kendra Dublin Hamilton for speaking engagements and vendor opportunities at godsperspectiveforme@gmail.com.

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